Larry Genkin of Blogger and Podcaster Magazine on Old Media and New Media

There is certainly no shortage of media in this world. From the "old school" media channels of magazines, newspapers, books, TV & radio to the "new school" world of blogs, podcasts, vlogs & social networks, we're all drowning in content. Today, I was lucky enough to chat with a man who is seeking to span those two worlds with a new publication - Larry Genkin of Blogger and Podcaster Magazine.

Puneet Gupta of ConnectBeam on Social Software in the Enterprise

One of the interesting questions hanging around the social software/media world is when and how (even if) businesses (especially large ones) are going to embrace these new technologies. In the past, I've done research on business adoption of social media and discussed it among past podcasts (Ynema Mangum of BMC is a notable one) but my next interviewee provides a whole new level of insight.

Phil Gomes of Edelman on Social Media, PR and Research

Public relations is one of the fields that will certainly be most affected by social media. Rather than working with a handful of media outlets, PR pros now must also deal with the millions of blogs, forums, social networks, online videos and more. For this podcast, I connected with Phil Gomes, one of the sharp minds at Edelman focusing on the changing face of media.

Phil was nice enough to talk about the social media release, who's tackling social media right, the state of research in the space and more.

Akshay Java of UMBC eBiquity on the State of Social Media Research

With all the buzz and hype, we sometimes lose sight of the fact that social media is young. And due to that relative youth, both leading practitioners and researchers are still just starting to sink their teeth into the subject. This morning I was lucky enough to interview a Phd student from the University of Maryland's ebiquity Research Group who has been researching social media longer than most (i.e. 2 years!).

Tom Laughon of Catch Your Limit Talks about Marketing and Strategy

Two of the subjects that I spend a lot of time (and passion) dealing with in my consulting activities are marketing and strategic management. So I was excited to connect with Tom Laughon (pronounced "Lon"), founder of Catch Your Limit, a Florida-based firm that specializes in both those subjects.

Chris Garrett, UK-based New Media Consultant, Chats about Web 2.0, Social Media and Killer Flagship Content

For this interview, I hopped the pond (aka the Atlantic) via Skype to chat with an expert on new media, online marketing, and eBusiness named Chris Garrett. A web addict from the early days (1994!), recently part of the Performancing team until it was acquired, and now an independent consultant, Chris helps companies sell more online.

John Payne of CircleUp Opens Up about Social Messaging

Yes, I too did a double-take when I saw his name for the first time. But John Payne's company CircleUp had me at first glance. CircleUp makes a social messaging service that allows you to send an email or instant message to a "circle" of your contacts (from 2 to thousands) and get a single response back with everyone's answer. How cool is that?

Ted Rheingold of Dogster & Catster chats about the Challenge of Building and Monetizing an Online Community

For this podcast I was lucky enough to sneak into the packed schedule of Ted Rheingold, the founder of Dogster and Catster, two online communities built around people's passions for their pets. The networks have grown dramatically since they were founded in 2004 and now feature over 1.5 million pictures of 300,000 different pets.

Bob Prentice, Motivational Speaker and HR Consultant, Speaks About Being a Podcasting Pioneer

One of the great things about blogging, podcasting and other forms of social media is how open and diverse they are. That dynamic leads one to discover people who have done cool things like Bob Prentice. Bob is a motivational speaker who between April 2005 and April 2006 recorded 55 motivational podcasts. The podcasts were a natural extension of his past experience in radio and his current passion/business as a motivational speaker.

Blair Enns Reveals How Marketing Agencies Can Win Without Pitching

Pitching, proposals, business development and, even, gasp, sales are part of every surviving agency or consultant's life. We all accept that it must be done but, if you're like most, you have a major love/hate relationship with it. In this podcast, I chat with Blair Enns, a consultant who has built his business around teaching agencies to WIN WITHOUT PITCHING. That's potentially a little slice of heaven if you ask me.