Podcast Interviews with Entrepreneurs and Marketers

Eric Goldstein of Clipmarks Reveals the Future of Social Bookmarking & Clipping

As the amount of information on- and off-line continues to explode, we'll need new and better tools to discover, organize and process all the content. Browser-based bookmarking has given way to social bookmarking sites like del.icio.us. But social bookmarking can still be improved as shown by Clipmarks, the subject of my next podcast interview.

Ade Olonoh of Recursive Function on Web App Design and Small Business

For the first true Jenerous podcast (i.e. posted here first rather than at marketingmonger.com), I connected with Ade Olonoh of Recursive Function. RF is a software development company based in the Indianapolis, Indiana that does custom development as well as build their own applications (FormSpring, PonyFish).

John Wechsler of Vontoo talks about Permission-based Voice Marketing

For my 113th podcast interview, I connected with John Wechsler of Vontoo. Vontoo is a startup with a fascinating new marketing technology - opt-in voice marketing.

John was nice enough to tell me about the company, its technology, how it works, how much it costs and the success they're seeing.

Check it out:

Matt Blumberg of Return Path Shares the Secrets of Email Reputation

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Email marketing is huge even in the age of social media and RSS. Why? Because it works.

Frederick Mendler of RackSpace on Fanatical Customer Service

Customer service is viewed as a cost center at most companies. My 111th interviewee's company takes a totally different viewpoint and has been incredibly successful with it. Frederick Mendler is deeply involved with the "fanatical support" offered at Rackspace, a leader in managed hosting.

Frederick talked with me about how their approach came about, how they measure success, their approach to people and more.


Bob Miglani - Author of Treat Your Customers - on Tasting the Ice Cream

For my 110th podcast, I connected with Bob Miglani, a Senior Director at Pfizer and author of Treat Your Customers. His book captures a series of lessons that he learned early in life working at his family's Dairy Queen that have served him well throughout his successful business career.

Jeff Cram of iSite Design on Web Analytics and Rich Media

In my continuing thread of interviews with web analytics and web analysts, I connected with Jeff Cram of iSite Design. Jeff recently wrote an interesting article entitled Building a Website for Analytics and I wanted to pick his brain about this subject. We also talked about how rich media (Ajax, et al.) is changing page view-centered approach of web analytics and online marketing.


Gerry McGovern on Creating Killer Website Content

Gerry McGovern, my 107th interviewee, has two huge factors going for him in life. The first is an uncanny knowledge of website content management and how to design powerful user experiences. The second is an accent that is ridiculously cool. I can't decide which I'm more jealous of.

Gerry was generous enough to share his knowledge about the long neck, how to design better web experiences, and more.


Richard Kuhlenschmidt of Famundo on Community Marketing and Family Relationship Management

I love talking to entrepreneurs. It is amazingly energizing. So, having run out of coffee yesterday, I was lucky to have a chance to talk with Richard Kuhlenschmidt of Famundo, a startup in the business of Customer Family Relationship Management (FRM).

Basically, Famundo is an online center for managing the family life complete with calendar, messaging, etc., plus some potential neat integration with the organizational version of Famundo (which is free).

Darren Herman of IGA Worldwide explains In-game Advertising

Gaming in its many forms has started to suck up more and more of the TV audience of old. With this shift in attention comes a shift in ad dollars. For my 106th podcast, I happily connected with Darren Herman, the entrepreneur behind one of the leading companies in the in-game advertising industry, IGA Worldwide.

Darren shared an overview of in-game advertising today, IGA's technology, how they think about a media "impression", and more.