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Mike McDerment of on How to Rebrand

I love talking to innovators. It really gets the adrenaline flowing.

Today, I chatted with Michael McDerment of 2ndSite and the vp of marketing behind As part of their re-branding effort, 2ndSite is killing off their brand in murder mystery format. Take a look today so that you can get your prediction in for who killed the brand before the final episode comes out.

DK of PhatGnat on Youth, Media & Marketing

For my most recent podcast, I chatted with DK of Phatgnat, a UK-based youth marketing and consulting company. Phatgnat specializes in bringing together youth, government and private companies.

Stowe Boyd of Blue Whale Labs on Entrepreneurship and Social Media

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to interview Stowe Boyd. Stowe is a consultant (with Blue Whale Labs), blogger and forward thinker with a passion for collaborative technologies.

Joe Waters of talks about Cause Marketing

Today, I chatted with Joe Waters of and the Boston Medical Center about cause marketing. We talked about its history, his take on it, the future and how companies can use it to gain a competitive advantage while changing the world for the better. He's got some great stats about it. (The quality of the podcast suffers a bit in the middle for about 30 seconds. Sorry about that.)

Check it out!

Steve Rubel of Edelman on Social Media, Marketing & Measurement

Steve Rubel, of Micropersuasion and Edelman fame, was nice enough to include Jenerous (back in our marketingmonger days) in his social media tour. We chatted about how social media, specifically about how it is changing marketing/pr and how to track it.