John Cass of IMO Wireless on Corporate Blogging

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John Cass of IMO Wireless, my 12th interview and one of the first people to believe in my 1,000 podcast project enough to spend some time with me, has recently written a great book (Strategies and Tools for Corporate Blogging) on the subject of corporate blogging. The book is a natural extension of his own blogging on pr & new media and his ground-breaking research on corporate blogs.

John was nice enough to reconnect and chat with me about the book, some tips for corporate blogging, the biggest mistakes corporate bloggers can make and more.

Check it out!

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Brilliant illustrated aspects of John's blogging book that makes me want to go out and buy it right now. It has certainly made me think about working harder on my blogs....

I like the way the two of you interacted within the interview .. it made it easy to follow. I'm not a corporate blogger but what is good for business is usually the best advice to follow for informational sites.